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Above and Beyond Quality

Two Lovers Jade Necklace

Each piece is unique and one of a kind, with all natural stones. Handmade by dedicating many hours, to the search for materials, such as the pendants, beads, clasps, etc. I like to create pieces full of bright colors and different textures, so that they have their own personality.

Cultivating Your Own Unique Style

 Heart Jade Necklace

When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. During your search for the perfect piece, that suites your personality, we pledge that your piece will be one of a kind, just like you.  We hope that your purchase from us becomes the first of many, that helps you express your uniqness. 

Our Promise


Each piece is Handmade and Unique, with all the Stones and materials being natural.

We promise to treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry and we want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the pieces from our store that reflect thier unique style and personality. We hope you will be a part of our family for many years to come. 

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